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    Erica Sheets

    Our booking engine creates dynamic URLs with various parameter at the end. How do I create a query where the web page "contains" a URL. The only thing I can do is "has viewed web page" and it has to be one specific URL... not a "contains" URL. Please help. 

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    Hanae Tanaka

    Regarding [Criteria limitation], not all Acoustic Campaign users are aware of this limitation.

    Criteria limitations
    Queries have a variable maximum of query criteria. However, there is a technical hard limit of 32,000 SQL characters. On average, each criteria can generate 500-1,000 characters of SQL. In general, the range of query criteria could be 30-150 query criteria.

    Acoustic should be a note on the user's screen or add functional limitation.
    We cannot predict how many SQL characters will be generated.
    It is highly versatile but on the other hand, can contain many conditional expressions.
    As a result of the large number of characters in a query, the job took a very long time to complete. This can disrupt other jobs - negatively impact the entire org.

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