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    Tom Coppedge

    This article says, "Initially it updates the 3 fields based on the last 30 day history but over time, it will be able to pull much older emails' open and click data.".  Three questions:

    • By "initially", do you mean after rollup on the first night after Automated Behavior Update is activated for the database selected?
    • How soon can we expect to get data older than 30 days' worth?
    • How far in the past do you mean by "much older"?
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    Kristina Maultsby

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention! I worked with the support team to update the article because it was previously a bit misleading; we're so sorry for the confusion.
    The updated paragraph now says:
    The Last Open, Last Click, and Last Sent data will be rolled up nightly. When activated, the Automated Behavior Update process retrieves the last 30 days of activity and then populates the three fields accordingly.

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