Custom Form with out redirect.


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  • Fabienne Schnyder

    Did you include the <form> in an external page?

    If yes, you can include a target in the <form> tag (action, pageID, siteID, parentPageId from your form):

    <form method="post" action="" pageId="22899863" siteId="564118" parentPageId="22899862" class="grid-x align-middle" target="frame">

    Then include a message you want to show as confirmation:

    <div id="confirmation" class="confirmation">
    Confirmation message

    And an iFrame where the message is shown:

    <iframe id="frame" name="frame" style="display:none"></iframe>

    Then show/hide it with JS/jQuery:

    $('footer .blog-subscription #confirmation').hide();

    $('footer .blog-subscription form').submit(function() {
    $('footer .blog-subscription .content').hide();
    $('footer .blog-subscription .form').hide();
    $('footer .blog-subscription #confirmation').show();


    The content from #confirmation will then be shown in the iFrame and it's displayed by jQuery.

    If you don't have it on an external page I think there's an option in Acoustic that you want to show the message on the same page and don't redirect on a new one.

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