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Web Form name="sp_exp" value="yes"



  • Hi Stephen,

    That flag is used for external web forms to specify an external post. Hope that helps!



  • Hi Stephen;

    Are you saying you want the CRM_Source field in the database to be populated or another field?

    It's very easy to add additional hidden fields to a form that you can "hard wire" into the External Form Post code.

    If you want to modify the CRM_Source so that it is specific to your form, you can modify the <form> tag by adding an element into it.

    The EFP code will include a form that starts something like this:

    <form action="

    You just need to add an append string to the URL so it looks like this:

    <form action="

    The "sp_source" element in the append string will allow you to set the CRM Source field to "PutSomethingHere". So you can change it to what you need it to be on a form by form basis. 

    Please remember you can also set the CRM Source field directly in the forms in Acoustic Campaign. So the method above should only be used if you have multiple external forms pointing to the same Acoustic form, and each of the external forms needs a unique CRM Source.

  • That's great Kristina. Thank you.

    Following on then, is it possible to add to that flag so we can identify which website/form the submission came from?

    Thanks again.

  • Thank You Geoff. That makes total sense and I can institute it within our forms.

    Yes. I'm looking to identify which form a lead uses to sign-up, and use that for internal purposes. One of which is, we experienced bogus robot submissions and after adding to our form security I was looking to track how effective my updates were.

    With the lead from your post I found Track Lead Sources in Acoustics's Help Center, which gives me more tools to work with.

    I'm grateful! Thanks again.

  • Hello, 

    Following up on this question, can we remove the hidden field? It is causing some issues with our web platform and the data is not being sent if we have that value added but if we remove it, the data flows to acoustic. 



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