Querying Opt-Outs Best Practices


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  • Andreas Wurzer

    Hi Alejandro,

    We've done just such a thing for a client of us. We wrote a Python libary and script that:
    - exports the opt-outs from the main database
    - process them and registers them in a local database
    - and them sends them to both SalesForce and SAP
    - afterwards same is done for the master suppression list

    We've automated this by having Python call the XML API, and use the following calls:
    - ExportList: to generate exports from the MAIN DATABASE and MASTER SUPPRESSION LIST
    - UpdateRecipient: to then reset the records in Acoustic, once they have been sent to an external system
    - RemoveRecipient: for those records we want to actually remove from the database


    Regarding the opt-outs and unsubribe handling:
    If you're interested in the handling of them: often the database in Acoustic is not the source of truth - but just a exported copy. Hence, any opt-outs must always be feed back to the 'source' and depending on how your business logic is, then reset in Acoustic. 
    However, if Acoustic is your main datasource, then handling of the opt-outs is still best be done by some for of scripting - at least if you want to Automate stuff. 








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