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Control Groups in programs



  • Hi Diego, thank you for your post! Here's some guidance shared from one of our subject matter experts. Hope it helps!

    The easiest way to do this is with an audience split. You can easily split out a percentage of the audience and treat them as a control group. 

    If you want to create a single control group that spans multiple programs, you will need to do that with a Query that is used to filter people out of Programs entirely, or inside or route them inside of Programs. Segment fields are good for this.

  • Hi Meetal, thanks for your answer.

    Yes, I am using a split function for take a group. But, You do not have any option to "MARK" this contacts. I mean, if you directly exited the program, you do not have any information (not suppressed, not mailing, not exited).

    Since there is no way to automate the option Export Contacts from this program, you are forced to do manually, that is no possible to think in a long term.

    So, the best option is having an option suppress all contacts, and marked it as suppressed, then, when you download the data, you will have this suppressed so is easly to compare with the non suppressed contacts. 

    The update profile option is not an option too, since you only have the possibility to update a DataBase field, so, if the same contact is suppressed in 2 different campaigns into the same day, you will get just the latest one and lost the information from the first suppressed campaign.
    Add a record into a relational table could work. But from programs (outbound programs) there is no possible to use the new integration functionality. And there is no feature that directly write data into a relational table (this can be a very nice option, because also allows you to connect programs from different databases for example)

    Another possibility is add a suppression list at program step (today isn't possible). Or maybe at Query level (so you can include into a dummy query that are all contacts, something like email is not blank, so all contacts in this particular step will be suppressed and you got marked and can compare) With a decision point that only check "is in query" option.

    I think lot of workarrounds, but almost all aren't possible to include for one or another reason.


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