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  • Damien ALLIEZ

    Thanks for this. Just note the program planner  link does not work (page doesn't exist).

    I'm currently building new programs and I still didn't figure out how to add a SMS step... is there more detailed how-to available?


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  • Diane Bowman

    Hello Damien!

    Here is a link to the Program Planner.

    See this article for details on Adding an SMS message to a program. Drag the step icon from the palette onto your canvas. The option to configure as an SMS type message is here if your contact source is a list that is enabled for SMS.  If you do not see the SMS option, it's because your contact source list is not enabled for SMS. Also have your Org Admin check to see if your User account is enabled for SMS as well.

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks, Damien! I've updated the link in the blog post.

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  • Alek Oleszkiewicz

    There is a recently refreshed eLearning course on Programs available on the Acoustic Academy.

    It includes the module on adding SMS messages to programs.

    You can chek it here.


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