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  • Lucas Seubert

    Hi Lucas,


    I have experienced similar delays when using that entry criteria. The problem that I had was the frequency with which new records qualified for my program. There are a few different help articles that touch on rate a program will re-evaluate a contact source, but this one might be the most relevant for you https://help.goacoustic.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042921854-Understand-program-entry-and-run-frequency

    Relevant excerpt:Programs checks periodically throughout the day to harvest any new contacts. It harvests and enters contacts at least one time per day, or can be several times a day based on how often it finds new contacts, or if there is an import or update. When new contacts are not found, the system adjusts over time and checks less often.


    You might be in a situation where your program has adjusted and will only evaluate once per day. I would recommend either waiting an additional 12 hours to determine if that is the case or consider a setup that utilizes an event-triggered entry. Depending on your use case event-triggered might not be an option though.


    Hope that helps!


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    Hi Lucas,

    We encourage you to open a support ticket with Acoustic Campaign to further investigate this discrepancy. Additional information about the query and program are needed to determine why the contacts were not added to the program as expected. 

    Aravind Krishnan
    Acoustic Campaign support

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  • Lucas Fontoura

    Thank you for the info, guys! :)

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