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API call rawRecipientDataExport



  • Hi Stephen - did you ever get an answer to this? I'm trying to set up something similar. 

  • If you want an automated extract, the easiest choice would be to use the Bulk Export (BEX) REST API. This is a REST API that you configure once, and then from that point forward Acoustic Campaign will generate export files on the configured schedule that can be retrieved via SFTP. 

    The Raw Recipient Data Export (RRDE), is an older XML API that is designed to be called on command.  Some of our customers have built simple CURL or other scripts that they call on a scheduled basis to initiate the export; but I'd highly recommend you instead look at BEX instead.


    You can find more information on BEX here:

  • Hi Geoff/Stephen,

    Acoustic said they have configured BEX but i can't seem to get information on how to access. Where would I see BEX in my org? 

    Also, have you run across the RawRecipient ID coming out as HEX instead of a number in your exports? Anyway to correct this? I'm exporting from a program to the SFTP. 




  • Judy,

    I do not know what exactly do you need to periodically export, but if you need raw campaign data, I always used Exchange Toolkit to do that, its allows you extract the data (including a few fields from database) download it and sent the data to a database (like ms sql). I think that it is the simplest way to get all information that you need.

  • Hi Judy, 

    BEX is only accessible via an API call that you use to setup the export job. The API is called once, and once the BEX job is setup, the files are put on the SFTP server to collect at the frequency setup in the job.

    I'm not sure why you'd see data from the RRDE coming out in Hex. My guess it's either a file encoding issue, or possibly the CODED_TYPE_FIELDS parameter is being set which can cause certain fields to be returned as numbers instead of strings.  I'd recommend you open a case with technical support so they can help you identify why you are seeing what you are seeing in your RRDE.

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