New error message - URI: "Try it" URI, suspicious hostname



  • Michael Watkin

    Hi Kerry, per the case we have together, this is a false positive and should not affect deliverability.   As noted, if you make a copy of the email template and cut out chunks of the code, you should be able to isolate what the spam checker is throwing the warning on.

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  • Matt King

    Kerry, I just eliminated this issue today from one of my templates. It turned out there was an image with the old Content tenant domain in the src url.

    If you are using assets from Acoustic Content, you should check to make sure your image URLs don't have the domain. If so, you will want to update them as outlined in the help article below.

    If that's not the issue, I have also seen this message when I've used a generic link as a placeholder in my template (,,, etc) and have forgotten to swap it out.

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  • Lance Luchau

    Spam Assassin uses the following reg ex for this particular message:


    For example, if my hyperlink url is, that triggers this spam assassin rule. Spam assassin just describes the entirety of the rule "Try it" URI, suspicious hostname" So it can be tricky to know exactly what to look for...most look for "Try It" or something like that which would lead you astray.

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