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e-Learning course: Analytics Widgets – Geo Reports in Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) on Cloud



  • I skimmed through the videos from Tania Flagg as well, didn't find the below info - I'm sure that I wouldn't be the first to ask this Q 

    Does Geo gets labeled based on the IP only, OR consider the firewall connectivity as well..? because I see users from 1 state regardless users geo loc.

  • Geolocation data is obtained using the standard W3C Geolocation API of the user's browser.

    Geolocation capture must be first enabled in the UI Capture configuration in the modules section (note, it is disabled by default).

    "modules": {
       "geolocation": {
          "enabled": true,
          "triggers": [
                "event": "load"

    When you enable Geolocation, you enable capturing the device's geolocation information. Data is captured only if the user gives the application permission to use geolocation data. If the user does not give permission to use geolocation data, no data is captured, even if you enable Geolocation.

    When collected, the returned location data is provided by the user's browser itself.

    Best. Alek.

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