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Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) Sept / Oct 2020 Release!



  • Thanks Rob.

    Workspace Date Range option is really a cool and awaited especially for number consumers. By the way was it supposed to be rolled-out for users by now, although this post is a month old. I don't see an option yet in my UI

  • Greetings!

    Yes, this has already been rolled out.  You should be able to see it in your workspaces now, as shown in this sample.  If you cannot, I recommend opening a case with Support.

    Best regards,

    Rob Hain
    Product Management

  • Your quick response is much appreciated Rob. Thanks

    Also, is there any plan to provide profile selection? You may agree that, similar to timing window there would be necessity to toggle between PROD & Non-Prod.. that would power up the reporting flexibility right

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