Using a query or automation to update a new contact's data fields.


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  • Ryan Franciscus

    Hey Stephen,

    You can use an automated program for this and the Update Profile Object.  First go ahead and create a query that will identify new leads.  Then create a new automated program with the contact source being your newly created query and then choose "Add contacts when the following events occur:" in the add behavior section choose "Database Behavior."  So it should looke like this:

    Then click Save and Edit flow and let's build the program.

    You're going to use the Update Profile item from the right side.  It looks like this:

    Drag and drop this onto your canvas and wire it up to the Audience block.  Add any additional Update Profile blocks necessary for each field you want to update.  Roll over and configure each one to update the field.  Be sure to add a Exit block at the end to exit contacts from the program.  At the end you should be left with something like this:


    Hope this helps!


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