delaying automated email send over a weekend / public holiday


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  • Ryan Franciscus

    Hey Ian,

    In the program settings, check the box "Only send messages on weekdays" then add a 1 day wait period between the audience and the first mailing.  When a prospect comes into the database on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, they will be sent a mailing on Monday.  Currently there isn't a centralized holiday exception list or day of week logic in programs to wait an extra day if they enter the database over the weekend.

    We have an idea already added to our ideas portal which has a current status of likely to implement.  I encourage you to vote on this as well and add your own comments to meet your use case.

    An "outside-the-box" solution for this would be to add an additional field to your database named "Opt In Day Of Week" and then populating this field with the day of week.  If you are using Acoustic Web Forms, you can make this field a hidden field and then use JavaScript and External Form Post Code to set it.

    Here is some sample code to get you started:
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(event) {
    var today = new Date();
    document.getElementsByName("Opt In Day Of Week")[0].value = getDayOfWeek(today.getDay());

    function getDayOfWeek(day){
    var daysOfTheWeek = ["Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"];
    return daysOfTheWeek[day]

    Then you can use a decision block as the first block in the program and add 2 paths to check for the weekend days, the remainder will be the send email.  Utilize redirects to wait the additional time and redirect to the remainder path so you have a singular path coming off of the first Welcome Email.  The 2 paths in the decision block are the following:

    1. Opt In Day Of Week is equal to Saturday
    2. Opt In Day Of Week is equal to Sunday

    Hope this helps!

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