"Phantom" clicks increasing recently



  • Aubrey Lane

    We had this happen a while back and found out something in our API from Brite Verify wasn't working and invalid email addresses were getting through. Be sure your list is clean and those email addresses making the multiple clicks I would put on your suppression list. 

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  • Michael Hobley

    This has also happened to us.  You can verify your suspicion by using the Raw Recipient Data Export API and looking at the timestamp for each event per recipient. We noticed that "bots" clicks often occur within milliseconds of the others. Sometimes the click timestamp even occurs before the HTML open timestamp.

    We started placing a single space hyperlink in the bottom of our emails with a specific name ("botcheck").  We can then run reports based on clicks of that link. Standard users would not see this to click on it - so we assume that anyone who does was clicked by a bot.  It at least gives you a way to track which users or domains implement these types of security checks.

    That doesn't help with text clicks, unfortunately, as any "bot link" would be visible in the text version. However, looking at the RRDE API report may give you a starting point there.

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  • Sebastian Silverwood

    Thanks for the suggestion Michael, sounds like a good solution. I'm surprised that Acoustic doesn't have this capability by default.

    We looked into it further with our development team, and it looks like every single IP that was hitting our servers from these links without variables was Microsoft-owned. We looked into it further and found that every recipient didn't have any open history with us. Due to these facts, we believe that this may be some new server-side processing either on Microsoft services (OWA/Outlook), or on Microsoft apps (Outlook Desktop/Mail for Windows/Outlook Mobile) where they are checking "untrusted" emails from customers who aren't already engaging with the sender.

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  • Diego de Arriandiaga

    There is an Idea on ideas site asking for the same https://ideas.goacoustic.com/ideas/CAMPAIGN-I-284

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