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How are path expressions created? In a path like [w,0],[v,0],[v,0],… where do the Ws and Vs come from?



  • XPath expressions are created using the first letter or an abbreviation of the type of the component.  In the example above, the "w" represents a UIWindow, and the "v" symbolizes any other view or custom control that was not assigned in the SDK.

  • The iOS UI Controller abbreviations are:

    "l": label
    "b": button
    "t": text field
    "ta": text view
    "tbl": table view
    "tc": table view cell
    "iv": image view
    "sw": switch
    "busy": activity indicator view
    "prog": progress view
    "slider": slider
    "seg": segmented control
    "web": web view
    "stepper": stepper
    "page": page control
    "picker": picker view
    "date": date picker
    "map": map view
    "scroll": scroll view
    "col": collection view
    "w": window
    "nav": navigation bar
    "tab": tab bar
    "v": any other view

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