Opt-in form

In Campaign, is it possible to create a form that updates fields in the database that would reflect a date and opt in?
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Send email to ask receipent for permission to SMS Opt-in

 design email to ask for SMS Opt-in and update SMS enabled dbase and show SMS_Phone as Consent.
Mason Davis

Academy LIVE vILT: Personalization Goals in Email Marketing Campaigns: A/B Testing for Success

The Acoustic Enablement Team presented Personalization Goals and how to implement them in A/B Testing for Email Campaigns.  Registrants receive a copy of the deck and there is also a Q&A document a...
Erika Sas

Help needed

Hi, this morning I can't see any of my previous newsletters in the Email Campaign section.How I could fix it? Thanks.
Mason Davis

Academy LIVE vILT Session: Intro to Deliverability, Sending Reputation, & IP Warming (vILT)

The Acoustic Onboarding Team presented on IP warming and the key activities and considerations recommended for a successful IP warm. Watch the recording to learn the key elements fpr a successful I...
Ronit Verma

Campaign Certification Cost

Hi,   What is the cost of the Campaign Certification (Specialist).   Thanks, Ronit
Laura Flint

Important changes to Acoustic’s partnership with Validity (250ok)

Inbox monitoring, powered by 250ok (now Validity), is a valuable way to understand inbox-placement and deliverability metrics by making it easier to understand how major inboxes across the globe ma...
Mason Davis

vILT Session: Optimize Your Audience Data

Title: Optimize your Audience Data in Campaign Date/Time: Wed, Jan 18, 2023; 11am ET Registration Link: Detai...
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Data folder creator

I'm using Engage Pod 4. Can you tell me who created these data folders?  Sent > Other teams > PP Credit (Credit Ops) > Remediation -zDELETE-zzDELETE-zzzDELETE-zzzzDELETE-zzzzzDELETE Thanks,Jon
Mason Davis

eLearning Course: Acoustic Campaign - SMS & MMS Messaging

In this course you will learn how to use the new composer for SMS and MMS within the campaign interface.Specifically, the modules included are: Introduction to SMS First Launch - SMS Messages Crea...

Update Main Database Field using Relational table field

Hi, I was wondering if there is an easy way to update main database Field with values from a variable within Relational table. Example. Main database: AB Main database field to update: AB_Segmentat...
Angela Madgin

Landing Page Personalization in Test Emails

I set up a landing page that is connected to a contact list. The landing page contains an image of a certificate and two personalization fields so that first and last name appear on the certificate...
Rainu Climaco

Academy LIVE Replay: How to Stay Off the Email Naughty List (vILT)

About the Session In this Academy LIVE session you will learn how to improve your email sending. Optimizing message deliverability is crucial, especially during peak season! This live training cons...
Sam Peasley

New composer shrinking emails in outlook for mac

It seems on the latest version of Outlook for Mac, Acoustic templates that are using the composer tool get shrunk into a very narrow column. This seems to be happening only the the Outlook for Mac ...
Mason Davis

vILT Session: Gather Key Data with Composer for Forms

Acoustic Academy wants to invite you to the upcoming vILT about: Title: Gather Key Data with Composer for Forms Date/Time: Thursday, October 27, 2022; 10am EDT Registration: https://learn.goaco...

Error sending test email

When I attempt to send a test email from the new email composer, I receive this error: Error Failed to create wca jwt. Missing iui. Does anyone know what this means? 
Angela Madgin

Unique clicks per link per email in an automated program

Hi,  Is there a way to pull an analytics report on the number of unique clicks per link per email in an automated program?  In the Programs: Mailing Performance report, I can see the total number o...
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Where do we find other assets from our asset library within the new composer?

When I go into assets in the new composer, it only shows items that have been uploaded into the new composer specifically. How do we access legacy assets stored in Acoustic?
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign

How do I change the background color?

When we change the color of a block and add margins, the margins are white and not the specified color – how do we fix this?
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign

How do I center text on an image?

When we use the image/text block builder, there doesn’t seem to be a way to center the text on the image.
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign

How can I view HTML source code in the new composer?

Is there still a way to get into the back end of the composer without downloading the code? There are times when we need to access the code to override Acoustic defaults (i.e. when we want to use o...
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How do we keep text from running off the page?

A few of the testers had issues with text not being confined to the width of the column.
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign

Does the new composer automatically make emails mobile responsive?

Our current templates have code built into them to manage this. When I use the new composer and preview in mobile, the text seems to run off the page. How do we make these mobile responsive?
Acoustic Service User

Database and Data Backups

Is there a way to configure recurring backups of the schema and data in our Acoustic campaign's Databases and Relational Tables, as well as backups of the Import Jobs? This is a pretty important ba...
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign
Acoustic Community-Help-Center-Campaign