Maddy Devetski

How to Visualize Domain Performance in Performance Insights

Performance Insights now has “Top Domain” reporting! In order to understand how your domains are performing, utilize ‘Domain’ as a widget, dimension, and a filter. There are a couple pieces of info...
firstName lastName

Removing contacts from Suppression Database list

Currently, it seems that I am the only one in the organization being able to remove contacts from Suppression list Database , since we need to have flexibility on this, is there any way to extend m...
Kerry Costello

New error message - URI: "Try it" URI, suspicious hostname

Can anyone tell me what this error message is in a Campaign template I have used for some time?
Stuart Bartley

Personalised Attachements with Transactional emails

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has worked out a solution or workaround to create personalised PDF attachments to Transactional emails? It would be great to find a solution whereby Transactional...
James Madison

Get Ready for Acoustic ID on Campaign

Acoustic ID is a unified credential that streamlines your access to Campaign and all other Acoustic products, including the Help Center, Support, Learning Academy and other services. Our goal is to...
Stephen Chow

API call rawRecipientDataExport

apiManager.rawRecipientDataExport() is there a way to setup a automated schedule extraction job and generate csv/tsv file for SFTP download? Can it call by curl command (https POST in linux script)...
Przemyslaw Hubisz

vILT - IP and Domain Warming Deep Dive July 16, 2 pm BST

I want to invite you to participate in the online course dedicated to the IP and Domain Warming topic. Description: This course will outline how to create and maintain an IP and Domain warming plan...
Lucas Fontoura

Performance insights not adding new audiences

Hey! I'm trying to add new audiences do the performance Insights. The pop-up shows, I select my source, the name and description, click save, it loads a little and nothing happens after it...   Any...
Lucas Fontoura

Query not updating in Program Canvas

I had a program running with a query, where I used the "add contacts while the program is running". I made an update in the query, changing some parameters, calculated the size and 35 more leads go...
Maggie To

api call Silverpop

apiManager.importList(). Want to know if it can be called by http ( curl command with https POST in Linux), or is there a way to setup a batch job to load data into Silverpop database
Alek Oleszkiewicz

vILT Replay: Introduction to dynamic content in Acoustic Campaign

On June 8, we've hosted a virtual Instructor-Led Training class. Our Campaign SME - Antoni Łącki provided an introduction to the dynamic content and personalization capabilities available in the Ac...
James Madison

Action Required by June 30 for Acoustic URL Changes

Throughout 2020, Acoustic is providing a streamlined user experience, including updates to how users access and integrate with Acoustic products. Acoustic is transitioning URLs for all Acoustic pro...
Dawn Smoot

Email Health Spam Score

Ever since yesterday our email health spam score has been more than double. We have consistently been scoring around 0.8 and as of yesterday that has jumped to 2.3. I am seeing this show up.: 1....
Lawrence Ladomery

Scoring Models - 'No Score' value

Hi,One contact in the database has a 'No Score' value. What sets this?Also, when I edit contacts I don't see the 3 fields on the new scoring models. How come? I do see them when I search the DB.Che...
Diego Moya

How do i get an URL of a image from the ruleset?

HI! When i create a ruleset to show an image, in the source code i have this for example.   <img border="0" contentid="6819a99b-172aa41eb64-5ef9706ac905ecfc415788xxxxxxxxxx" height="128" name="BCH...
Lawrence Ladomery

Program email steps are going walkabout

I've created a Program with quite a few decision points, nicely laid out across the canvas.I then activate the Program and deactivate it again and... email steps have moved. Anyone else experiencin...
Permanently deleted user

 Early adopters: Message composer, part 2  

In our previous blog, Ankush introduced our new message composer in Acoustic Campaign, a story centered around listening to you and using your feedback to deliver an ideal email experience. If you ...
Steven Bierer

Does Acoustic Campaign Support ADFS Single Sign-on (SSO)

Hi, My organisation would like our users to access Campaign using their organisation credentials, rather than using a separate set of credentials specific to Acoustic Campaign. Does Campaign suppor...
Lawrence Ladomery

Multiple questions - Automations & Scoring models

Hi,It's been a while since I used Silverpop... .err.. IBM Watson Campaign automation.. err.. Acoustic Campaign... just showing my age here ;)I've got a couple of questions that I hope you can help ...
Javier Ramí­rez

Features & Functions

Hi everyone! I was looking at some documentation regarding the different versions and models of Acoustic we can offer. In the past we had a standard document showing different tiers (basic, enterpr...
ankush singla

Listening to you: Message composer, part 1

Hopefully, you have heard about our Acoustic story centered around listening to our customers. Message composer, a new feature in Acoustic Campaign, perfectly illustrates our devotion to listening ...
Adam Ahearne

Accreditation & Badging

Hi there,  I'm wondering if there are any current plans to bring the accreditation/badges into Acoustic and away from IBM.  I understand that these are currently IBM badges and unsure if these woul...
Maddy Devetski

How new Acoustic URLs will affect your shared reports

Have you been using the shared link feature in Performance Insights? As we make the move to Acoustic, there are some URL changes you should keep in mind. A couple of them affect shared reports with...
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Check out our latest Program insights!

Originally published December 9, 2019 Ann set up an automated program last week and is wondering how things are going. Are contacts entering, progressing through the flow? Did she set the right con...
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Using CRMi and programs automation

Originally published August 29, 2019   Many B2B clients want to ensure marketing and sales are aligned through their lead to revenue or lead management processes to ensure a seamless experience for...
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Acoustic Campaign: Scheduled and sent email improvements

Originally published August 6, 2019 We know it's important to manage future, present, and past mailings in one view, so we are excited to announce the Scheduled and Sent management view in Acoustic...
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Making the most out of programs automation

Originally published June 17, 2019 Programs automation will help you deliver targeted marketing campaigns and save time to focus on strategy and optimization. With pre-made campaign templates, you ...
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Acoustic Campaign programs canvas: Your best friend

Originally published April 15, 2019 The programs canvas is basically like your best friend: dependable and trustworthy. Whether you start with a template or from scratch, the programs canvas is the...
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Getting started with Acoustic Campaign programs

Blog post originally published February 28, 2019 Multichannel campaign automation enables marketers to create behavior-based, personalized customer experiences by sending the right message to the r...