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Long block of hidden text - bayes poison?

What does this mean and how to solve it?  Some old templates before didn't have this point when we did health check before but now has it. 
Dawn Smoot

Email Health Spam Score

Ever since yesterday our email health spam score has been more than double. We have consistently been scoring around 0.8 and as of yesterday that has jumped to 2.3. I am seeing this show up.: 1....
Antoni Łącki

eLearning Course: Acoustic Campaign - Automated Messages

Campaign: Automation - Automated Messages (PBU.CA151) This course demonstrates how to create a group of automated messages and how to attach emails to a Group of Automated Messages. Automated m...
Sam Peasley

New composer shrinking emails in outlook for mac

It seems on the latest version of Outlook for Mac, Acoustic templates that are using the composer tool get shrunk into a very narrow column. This seems to be happening only the the Outlook for Mac ...

Acoustic-generated URL displays as Preview Text

Several of our emails are displaying a URL (I'm guessing it's the "view in browser" link) as preview text after the first bit of text. These email headers are coded up the same as others that do no...
Simon Elvin

"excessively long line + hidden text"

Hi all, we've had the warning message in the title start popping up in the mailing health-check, first saw it ~16th September. It's different from the Bayes Poison warning, and looks to be quite he...
Raul Picart

❓ URL from Relational Table

Hi all. I'm hoping that someone can help with this one as I found the Acoustic help guide a bit of a challenge. We have a relational table that we use to populate content in an email template. We'r...
Lawrence Ladomery

Multiple questions - Automations & Scoring models

Hi,It's been a while since I used Silverpop... .err.. IBM Watson Campaign automation.. err.. Acoustic Campaign... just showing my age here ;)I've got a couple of questions that I hope you can help ...
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Send email to ask receipent for permission to SMS Opt-in

 design email to ask for SMS Opt-in and update SMS enabled dbase and show SMS_Phone as Consent.
enberry enberry

Queries won't save AND support link leads to 404 page.

I'm trying to create a query within Acoustic and it will not save. I have tried several browsers to ensure it isn't on my end. I decided to contact Acoustic support but the support links all lead t...
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Flash Player for Campaign Reports - Flash is obsolete. Is there a replacement/solution?

This may have been addressed earlier, and if so, sorry that I could not find answers here.  Issue: I cannot view the .swf files that are provided as part of the Campaign Reports feature.  Always ge...
Stephen Outram

Web Form name="sp_exp" value="yes"

In the web forms we are embedding on our site I have noticed this hidden input. What this is for, please <!-- DO NOT REMOVE HIDDEN FIELD sp_exp --><input type="hidden" name="sp_exp" value="yes"> Th...
Don Tubel

Landing Page - Embed Form

I created a standard web form with my subscription group. I enabled the "include select all" option on the form object. I chose the iframe option when embedding. The form is displaying fine except ...
Charlie Fung

How can I set the first letter capital in dynamic field under the Subject Line

Hi  I have dynamic field "%%name%%" contain all lower case first name; I would like to show the first Letter capitalize %%name%% in subject line?  (e.g  charlie  ==>  Charlie)  Can Acoustic campaig...
Stephen Chow

API call rawRecipientDataExport

apiManager.rawRecipientDataExport() is there a way to setup a automated schedule extraction job and generate csv/tsv file for SFTP download? Can it call by curl command (https POST in linux script)...
Permanently deleted user

 Early adopters: Message composer, part 2  

In our previous blog, Ankush introduced our new message composer in Acoustic Campaign, a story centered around listening to you and using your feedback to deliver an ideal email experience. If you ...
Angela Madgin

Unique clicks per link per email in an automated program

Hi,  Is there a way to pull an analytics report on the number of unique clicks per link per email in an automated program?  In the Programs: Mailing Performance report, I can see the total number o...
Acoustic Service User

Database and Data Backups

Is there a way to configure recurring backups of the schema and data in our Acoustic campaign's Databases and Relational Tables, as well as backups of the Import Jobs? This is a pretty important ba...
Sebastian Silverwood

"Phantom" clicks increasing recently

Has anyone else noticed a dramatic uptick in fake clicks recently? It came to our attention mainly from our unsubscribe page being hit multiple times without the required variable. Investigating fu...
Will Sugg

HTML View in Message Composer

I would like to be able to swap between the 'Drag & Drop' view in Message composer and see the 'raw HTML' simultaneously (Like is available in Click & Load.) Frequently I find that the minute chang...
Josh Hollis

Program Setup Rules

This has been a requested feature for at LEAST 8 years. PLEASE, PLEASE let us view our set up rules in programs WITHOUT having to deactivate. Even if we can't change it without deactivating, there ...
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Making the most out of programs automation

Originally published June 17, 2019 Programs automation will help you deliver targeted marketing campaigns and save time to focus on strategy and optimization. With pre-made campaign templates, you ...
Tobias Greilberger

Is there a regular expression for allowed Emailaddresses

I am using HCL Campaign for selections and then a process so export a selected list to acoustic campaign.  sometimes acoustic refuses the import because of a not allowed expression of the emailaddr...
Alessandro Venturi Dedagroup

Email alert when someone submits a form

I want a mail to be sent to an internal company address every time someone submits a form. How can I achieve that?
Marissa Shields

Email Response Not Working

Our email response functionality is not working. I have tested replying to different acoustic emails with different email addresses and I don't get our autoresponder message, and the replies are no...
Thomas Vanommeslaeger

Ebook flows

We were looking into setting up an email flow for our eBooks that can be requested on our website. The flow: People (new lead or contact) submit a form on the website - not a native Acoustic form,...
Matt Chabot

Push Captured Form Data from Non-Acoustic Form to Campaign Database via API

We have both Acoustic Campaign and Exchange and are looking for the best way to push data collected from an external non-Acoustic web form to our contact database in Campaign.  Upon the external fo...
Don Tubel

Using Field Tokens on Surveys

How do you use token fields for Survey Monkey links? We can create variables in Survey Monkey. How do you use token fields from the contact source within Acoustic to go along with the Survey Monkey...
Joe Walton

Autofill without risk of data leak?

We'd like to enable autofill on our forms, as we don't have a typical sales process, and subscribers will often fill out several forms throughout the customer journey. Problem is, if an email is fo...
Kerry Costello

New error message - URI: "Try it" URI, suspicious hostname

Can anyone tell me what this error message is in a Campaign template I have used for some time?