Will Sugg

HTML View in Message Composer

I would like to be able to swap between the 'Drag & Drop' view in Message composer and see the 'raw HTML' simultaneously (Like is available in Click & Load.) Frequently I find that the minute chang...
ankush singla

Listening to you: Message composer, part 1

Hopefully, you have heard about our Acoustic story centered around listening to our customers. Message composer, a new feature in Acoustic Campaign, perfectly illustrates our devotion to listening ...
Permanently deleted user

 Early adopters: Message composer, part 2  

In our previous blog, Ankush introduced our new message composer in Acoustic Campaign, a story centered around listening to you and using your feedback to deliver an ideal email experience. If you ...
Tom Coppedge

Web forms and relational tables

Could someone comment on any plans to allow associating web form fields to relational table fields, assuming the relational table is mapped to the contact source db for the form?  Thanks.
Permanently deleted user

Best practices: Message composer, part 3

In our last blog, Ami shared the story of how our design team used the message composer to design and build our own email series. If you missed that blog, you can check it out here. Now, we want to...
Alec Martin

Can't raise a support case

Hi, I'm trying to raise a support case via the help centre ( but whenever I do so I'm getting a 404 - Page Not Found error. Could this please be addressed ASAP?
Mason Davis

vILT Session: Deliverability 301: How to tackle deliverability issues

Acoustic Academy wants to invite you to the vILT: Title: Deliverability 301: How to tackle deliverability issues Date/Time: Thursday October 19, 2023; 12pm ET Registration: Watch the recording ...
Stephen Outram

Duplicates export and reports

Hi Everyone.Two questions; same topic. Is it possible to get the number of duplicates in a database What's required to generate a report or exportable list (CSV) of ALL duplicates PS I know about...
firstName lastName

Long block of hidden text - bayes poison?

What does this mean and how to solve it?  Some old templates before didn't have this point when we did health check before but now has it. 
Antoni Łącki

eLearning Course: Acoustic Campaign - Queries

This course covers advanced contact management including creating and editing queries. Campaign: Data - Queries (PBU.CA051)   You will find it here:
Dawn Smoot

Email Health Spam Score

Ever since yesterday our email health spam score has been more than double. We have consistently been scoring around 0.8 and as of yesterday that has jumped to 2.3. I am seeing this show up.: 1....
Maddy Devetski

How new Acoustic URLs will affect your shared reports

Have you been using the shared link feature in Performance Insights? As we make the move to Acoustic, there are some URL changes you should keep in mind. A couple of them affect shared reports with...
Permanently deleted user

Check out our latest Program insights!

Originally published December 9, 2019 Ann set up an automated program last week and is wondering how things are going. Are contacts entering, progressing through the flow? Did she set the right con...
Meetal Patel

Virtual Panel on December 7! 2024 Predictions That Will Impact Digital Marketing

We're excited to invite you to a virtual panel that will help shape your strategies for the upcoming year: 2024 Predictions That Will Impact Digital Marketing. Join us on December 7 at 2PM ET for a...
Aleksandra Pettke

vILT Session: Discover Performance Channel Dashboards in Insights!

Acoustic Academy wants to invite you to the vILT: Title: Discover Performance Channel Dashboards in Insights! Date/Time: Tuesday, December 5, 2023; 10am ET Register HERE!   In these sessions, o...
Aleksandra Pettke

e-Learning course: SMS Channel Dashboard

Hello! We recently published a new training course in Acoustic Academy: Introduction The SMS Channel Dashboard provides an in-depth view of how your SMS campaigns are performing. In this course, we...
Rainu Climaco

e-Learning course: WhatsApp Channel Dashboard

Hello! We recently published a new training course in Acoustic Academy: COURSE DESCRIPTION Introduction The WhatsApp Channel Dashboard provides an in-depth view of how your WhatsApp campaigns are p...

Take a user to a URL depending on the landing page form's submitted content 📣

Hi! I'm looking for a way to take users to different URLs, depending on exisiting data in the database. For example: a user submits his phone number - if the number exists, take the user to page A....

Can't add personalizations in Forms Composer 📣

Hi!  I'm trying to add personalization to my opt-out form but I can't click on the personalization button since it's disabled. It also shows an "undefined" tooltip on hover:   I made sure I connec...
Mason Davis

Academy LIVE vILT: Personalization Goals in Email Marketing Campaigns: A/B Testing for Success

The Acoustic Enablement Team presented Personalization Goals and how to implement them in A/B Testing for Email Campaigns.  Registrants receive a copy of the deck and there is also a Q&A document a...
Mason Davis

Academy LIVE vILT Session: Intro to Deliverability, Sending Reputation, & IP Warming (vILT)

The Acoustic Onboarding Team presented on IP warming and the key activities and considerations recommended for a successful IP warm. Watch the recording to learn the key elements fpr a successful I...
Mason Davis

vILT Session: Optimize Your Audience Data

Title: Optimize your Audience Data in Campaign Date/Time: Wed, Jan 18, 2023; 11am ET Registration Link: Detai...
Mason Davis

vILT Session: Gather Key Data with Composer for Forms

Acoustic Academy wants to invite you to the upcoming vILT about: Title: Gather Key Data with Composer for Forms Date/Time: Thursday, October 27, 2022; 10am EDT Registration: https://learn.goaco...
Acoustic Service User

Database and Data Backups

Is there a way to configure recurring backups of the schema and data in our Acoustic campaign's Databases and Relational Tables, as well as backups of the Import Jobs? This is a pretty important ba...
John Chaconas

"Opened" Stats Detail

Why do I see "Deleted" in the detail behind "Opened" stats in an email report along with legit addresses of people who opened the report?
Josh Hollis

Program Setup Rules

This has been a requested feature for at LEAST 8 years. PLEASE, PLEASE let us view our set up rules in programs WITHOUT having to deactivate. Even if we can't change it without deactivating, there ...
Simon Elvin

"excessively long line + hidden text"

Hi all, we've had the warning message in the title start popping up in the mailing health-check, first saw it ~16th September. It's different from the Bayes Poison warning, and looks to be quite he...
Antoni Lacki

eLearning Course: Acoustic Campaign - Survey Connector

The course will help you understand how to Connect you Campaign Account to Survey Monkeys is, you will also get familiar with Survey Connector Terminology and understand how to use it.   This co...
Antoni Lacki

eLearning Course: Acoustic Campaign - Mobile App Messages

Campaign: Reports - Reports (PBU.CA352) The mobile push capability allows marketers to send simple push notifications from Campaign. The push notifications can be created for both iOS and Android m...
Antoni Lacki

eLearning Course: Acoustic Campaign - Reports

Campaign: Reports - Reports (PBU.CA200) This course gives an overview of the available reports within Campaign, but specifically looks at the Reports inside the Report Center. It reviews all the re...